27th Ramadan: Pakistan and the Night of Decree

انا انزلنه فى ليلة القدر. وما ادراك ما ليلة القدر. ليلة القدر خير من الف شهر

Indeed we revealed this Quran on the night of Decree. And what do you know what the Night of Decree is. The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months.” Surah 97, Ayah 1-3

In 1929, Allama Iqbal published his persian masterpiece, Javednama, in which he spoke of numerous new worlds hidden in the Quran, and the ideal principles of such a Quranic world. He went on to describe one such world, an ideal world based on Quranic principles which he called Marghdeen, meaning the “Pasture of Deen” – a world where Islam would flourish.

One such world was meant for the Indian Muslim Nation, to be discovered and created for themselves. Hence, it was not a coincidence that in his Allahabad Address, the following year, Iqbal expressed the desire for the formation of a seperate homeland for the Muslims of India. Pakistan – in the mind and vision of Iqbal, was to be one of the numerous worlds that lay in the Quran, waiting to be discovered – the first of its kind after the state of Madina – founded by the Holy Prophet SAW.

Pakistan, as envisioned by Iqbal, was to serve as an ideal for the whole world. Other nations could follow the same example and the entire world could become Marghdeen at one point.

This Marghdeen was not just the dream or vision of Iqbal, it was what the Quaid e Azam wanted for Pakistan as well. In his speech in Bombay on 1st Feb, 1943, he said:

“In Pakistan we shall have a state which will be run according to the principles of Islam. It will have its cultural, political and economic structure based on the principles of Islam. The non-Muslims need not fear because of this, for fullest justice will be done to them, they will have their full cultural, religious, political and economic rights safeguarded. As a matter of fact they will be more safeguarded than in the present-day so-called democratic parliamentary form of Government.”

Perhaps, then, it was not such a coincidence that Pakistan came into being on the night of Decree – 27th Ramadan, the night between 14th and 15th August 1947. The Quran says that it holds signs for those who reflect, for those who are wise. If we reflect on the formation of Pakistan, we would not only become aware of the great blessing that God has bestowed upon us, but also of the great responsibility this blessing puts on our shoulders. So far we have been utterly mindless of this great responsibility …

May God protect Pakistan till the end of time!!




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